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Bodywork Services

Reflexology, Self-care Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Energy techniques 

Relaxing, balancing, restorative...  

Clothed sessions begin with an organic therapeutic foot bath followed by reflexology for hands and feet with essential oils. We'll go over acupressure and reflexology areas you can use at home for self-care in between sessions.  Sessions will also include: breath work and may include crystals, healing imagery, tuning fork.  Comfortable/lounge clothing is ideal.   1.5hr. or 2hr. sessions.  This service is good for maternity or classic clients.  Please note when scheduling if you are preconception, pregnant or postpartum.
Can add acupressure face lift lesson to release head and neck tension and bring about a wonderful natural glow!   

I'm also available for in-home labor readiness and postpartum wellness sessions including postpartum abdominal wrapping and mother warming.  Please message me to coordinate in-home pre or postnatal appointments.  

Wellness Care items for the whole family 
Natural product recommendations for healthful self and home care*  The Amazon links are currently being rebuilt - you can still follow them, but I'm not receiving benefits at this time.  All doTERRA links are active and will benefit us both.  They are all still the products I use.  

Products are free of harmful substances and provide healthful support with cost effectiveness in mind.  You can schedule video sessions with me to learn the techniques I've used for the past 23+years if you would like guidance with techniques to use any of these products.  My biggest passion has always been helping you become the healer in your own life and for your family.  The power to heal is innate in each of us.  Good self-care habits tend the fire of wellness within.  Self-care is good health care.  I also recommend to have a working relationship with a good ND or MD for natural support and guidance as well.  
* These are the same products I use.  By purchasing them through my site, the price is no different than if you shopped directly from Amazon and you are helping to support my small business with a small fee I receive.  Enroll with doTERRA through me and you'll also be supporting my small business plus, you'll have me as your personal support for questions and wellness guidance anytime.  Thank you for your trust in natural wellness care and my services and recommendations.  

Natural products for healthy self and home care: 
Salt bathing, skin brushing, essential oils, these are my top 3 golden keys for personal wellness care.
Bath salts:  I use a few kinds.  I often start with a base of Mediterranean sea salt.  I can typically buy it in the bulk section of my natural grocer or co-op for about $1 lb.  A therapeutic salt bath should be roughly 2 cups per bath.  If cost is a factor, I start with the Mediterranean salt at 1 cup and add 1 cup of pink salt or epsom salt.  For pink salt, I use this  Himalayan Salt.  This ancient salt is comprised of 84 elements and minerals - all that we were created with.  We also use this same salt in our kitchen.  I keep a covered salt dish by the stove and salt our food to taste.   I use these Epsom Salts.  I also love using epsom salt on it's own.  Epsom is a naturally occurring compound of magnesium and sulfate known as a natural remedy for a number of ailments and has gardening-related uses!  Sprinkle around your tomatoes! (The bag explains how.)  Magnesium plays a number of roles in the body including regulating the activity of over 325 enzymes, reducing inflammation, helping muscle and nerve function, and helping to prevent artery hardening. Sulfates help improve the absorption of nutrients, flush toxins, and help ease migraine headaches.  Epsom are drawing, ideal for detox and sore muscles and help calm kids and adults before sleeping.   Tip: have a stubborn splinter in a finger or foot and don't want to poke at it with tweezers anymore?  Put a few flakes of epsom salt on the moistened pad of a bandage and place the bandage over the splinter.  Let rest overnight or several hours at least before removing the bandage.  This typically works to draw the stubborn splinter out.  

I  also love Bokek, Dead Sea Salts!  They contain 10 times more minerals than ordinary sea salt, minerals which assist in cleansing, detoxifying, and restoring a healthy status quo to the body, especially the skin and muscles.  Excellent for healing skin conditions and regulating the work the body does overall.  Incredibly restorative!  

Lastly we add this food grade bentonite clay to our baths and enjoy extra detoxification and mineralizing benefits.  My son loves playing with the clay chunks, so when he goes in, we grab a few handfuls and toss them in, when I go, I make a slurry in a small bowl by adding 1 cup of clay then water and mix to make a thick soup.  Then I pour this into my bath.  I often add essential oils to the bath too, but more on those below.  I also use this in my easy dry shampoo recipe: 1 part bentonite clay, 1 part arrowroot powder, a few drops each: Cedarwood, Lavender, Rosemary essential oils.  How many drops you use depends on how much you make.  Since the clay I mention above is food grade, I also take a pinch internally and will discuss more about that soon.

As a treat, we often make and add bath bombs.  We use this citric acid and we get our baking soda, organic cornstarch and food coloring (when we use it) from Thrive Market (we order a few 1 lb bags/month for baking soda as it has several uses) or we recommend this 5lb natural Baking Soda and remind you to get organic or at least non-gmo cornstarch. We use doTERRA essential oils.  

I skin brush a few times a week, then follow-up with fractionated coconut and essential oils. 

These skin brushing mitts made of natural viscose or 2 of these dry brushes are perfect for skin brushing.  Either mitts or brushes, I use one on each hand. The mitts come in a 4 pk, so you'll have enough for two people or you'll be set for yourself for a year or more.  The brushes are a two pack and they should last several years.  I will have a skin brushing video up soon, until then, I provide group instruction in video classes with my RN sister.  Know that you can begin to work your whole body (do not skin brush your face however) from tips to abdomen and back by working in small clockwise circular moves, then finish with long strokes with gentle pressure on all movements that are coming toward your heart.  Skin brushing, has been one of my mainstays for good personal health.  The benefits are numerous and aren't to be underestimated!   Benefits include: lymphatic movement and drainage, improved circulation, exfoliation (which is an important part of our shedding and regeneration process) as well as healthy messaging to our nervous system.  Dry brushing is the perfect way to ready our bodies to receive the benefits of skin oils including essential oils.

You can massage yourself and your loved ones at home easily with massage cups.  I'm happy to give you a lesson.  I've worked with them for many years and have taught many people to use them for self-care.  
2 types of massage cups for effective negative pressure massage.  You can schedule a lesson with me to get you off and running with these self-care gems!  
I recommend these massage cups for use as "running" cups.  They are softer than silicone, easier to manipulate for beginners and move easier over bone.  They provide a nice back and neck massage for couples cupping massage - inquire with me for instruction/class.   

I recommend these massage cups for deeper "static" release of dense areas or specific acupressure points.  If you'd like to consult with me about which are right for you or how and when to use both, just reach out.  

After skin brushing or bathing (and for working with the massage cups), I use organic MCT fractionated coconut oil   I pour it into these glass pump bottles that I keep on my dressing counter.  Into the palm of my hand, I add whichever essential oil is right for my body at the time.  Frankincense, sandalwood, tangerine, grapefruit, geranium plus Balance and OnGuard (on my feet) are regular favorites for me.  I wouldn't use anything on my skin that I wouldn't put in my body.  This is why I use tested grade oils and truly pure products.  Want to learn how to use doTERRA essential plant oils?  Schedule a 15 or 45 min. consultation with me.  (15 min. if you want to try a sample for a top health need or 45 min. if you're feeling really ready to learn more.)  I'll help you get started with the way that is best for you!  

Creating a healthful environment is easy.   Himalayan salt lamps create a warm glow and release negative ions that help us feel and be well.  I love large and small ones as well as decorative ones in just the right place. 

doTERRA therapeutic essential oils and natural solutions for clean living.  These are perfect oils for good health and a truly happy and clean home.  I use them regularly to keep my and my family's immune systems strong, decrease anxiety and increase cellular well-being as well as enjoy a naturally fragrant and vibrant home.  I'm happy to share with you my experience of essential oil use over the past 25+ years and why I use doTERRA oils and products.  Schedule your doTERRA consultation with me today. 

Become a doTERRA member through me and I'll gift you with 4 free 30 min. video appointments where we can address your specific needs, how to use essential oils, natural products and supplements and any of the below topics for self-care, home care and care of your family. 

I use these glass spray bottles for home cleaning solutions:
Purify cleaning spray:
In a 16oz. glass spray bottle:
1/3 hydrogen peroxide
2/3 water
10-15 drops Purify essential oil blend
5 drops of a citrus oil like tangerine or clementine for an additional bright note.  All citrus oils from doTERRA can also be taken internally and are cleansing and supportive of good digestion and metabolism.  Truly the *only* time we could ever take a cleanser internally winkyes
Shea butter for belly balm, hand balm and foot balm.  Blends beautifully with essential oils.  Shea Butter 1 lb jar in glass or 8oz. jar in plastic.  A little shea goes a long way.  Talk to me if you want a recommend for essential oils for a need or desire you have.  

A big part of my self-care for health care is the good food that I buy for myself and my family.  I shop at farmers markets and buy from those who use healthful practices, I shop at my local co-op who sources locally whenever possible and I shop many of my pantry items from Thrive Market.  Their prices are mostly equal to or better than my local co-op.  Thrive provides free shipping past $49 and has good customer service if there's ever a problem with an order.  You can shop by diet if you have special criteria like ketogenic, certified organic, paleo and many of their Thrive Market name brands are good quality and cheaper than name brands.  I buy many of my staples this way.  Be sure to check them out and check out with them! 

Air filtration: 
This Levoit air filter is unobtrusive to the eye and ear, works with ease and has cleanable and affordable replacement filters.  I've used air purifiers in the home when I lived in the city near busy roads and had a landlord install new carpet and VOC paint.  Now that I live at the coast, I still use them with my woodstove, wildfire smoke season, seasonal pollens and days when they spray nearby fields with cow fertilizer!  
I love this DIY option: You can use this 2-pack furnace filter merv13 to upgrade a simple box fan for the easiest and least expensive quality air filter option. Here's the method. Please note the caution at the end of video to not leave this fan with filter running when not at home.  Otherwise, it's a great option. 

Books I treasure and recommend often that are loaded with self-care wisdom and guidance:
Instant Relief: Tell Me Where it Hurts and I'll Tell You What to Do by Peggy Brill PT
Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent 
The Nourishing Traditons Book of Baby and Childcare
Women's Anatomy of Arousal by Sheri Winston
GAPS diet (Gut and Psychology Syndrome)

Video appointments can be scheduled to learn the following techniques from a 25 year bodywork therapist:

Nourishing organic body oils

Therapeutic grade essential oils and how to use them! 



Womb care 

Massage cupping - for glorious deep tissue/scar tissue/ myofascial work

Trigger point therapy - works swiftly to release both chronic and acute myofascial and muscular pains

Healing breath work - simple yet profound.  The key is to *do* it. 

Certified breast massage techniques (self-care education) for general health and lactation.
Promotes healthy lactation beginning in pregnancy.  Encourages optimal milk flow, prevents / remedies blocked ducts and mastitis.  

Fertility Priming  A perfect way to open the door for a child and prepare yourself for motherhood/parenthood.  Making a conscious choice to welcome your baby gives you opportunity to get to know and focus on; your body, cycle, emotions, spirit, diet and set your soil to provide a fertile, happy, loving, vibrant uterine sea ~ your baby's first home. I'll instruct you in abdominal massage for home use which may include visualizations and will send you home with an essential oil sample if you need one. 

Maternity reflexology and acupressure  Sessions promote general health for mom and baby and relieve pregnancy complaints such as pelvic and back pain, nausea, swelling, fatigue, insomnia, heartburn, headaches.  The positioning used for sessions promotes restful sleep and optimal fetal positioning for labor readiness.  Enjoy improved immunity, more energy for mom and baby in this vital time of formation, increased pelvic stability while reducing stress, tension, fear, anxiety/depression.  Receiving nourishing touch also fills the well a mother gives from and helps her tune deeply into her intuition during this paramount time.  Postpartum services are typically done in home to assure the rest and recovery of the new dyad.    Read more on maternity and doula services here

Welcome Home - A Mother Warming adds abdominal wrapping to the above reflexology/acupressure session.  Essential wellness support for the new mother.
* Cotton Bengkung belly bind is additional $65 - $100.  I can supply one or you can use your own.  Please inquire.  I also have a beautiful bengkung wrap that can be borrowed.  Just ask.  

Contact me to arrange your personal service or package

I look forward to healing time with you. Thank you.

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