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Trusting in natures divine keys and pathways to good health and longevity. Keeping sacred space for childbirth and beyond.


​"The first wealth is health"
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
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With 25+ years of experience in the healing arts, I'm currently providing the following:


  • Holistic bodywork sessions with reflexology, acupressure, essential oils at Pauseful Massage & Botanicals in Manzanita, OR
  • doTERRA Wellness
  • Dancing For Birth(TM) Classes & Professional Trainings
  • Golden Key Wellness Newsletter with recipes and techniques for natural body and home care
  • Sacred Portal doula care
  • Zoom wellness classes including making pro-biotic cultured vegetables at home. Probiotic foods are important for everyone and I'll share why they're especially important during pregnancy and with growing children.   

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